FTP, which is short for File Transfer Protocol, is the most popular means for sending files to a hosting account. Using FTP client software that is installed on your desktop or laptop computer, you can set up a connection to your hosting server and copy all the files that you need with a couple of clicks. This is done via a simple-to-work-with graphical interface and it is as simple as dragging and dropping the abovementioned files. The advantage of using File Transfer Protocol is the fact that you’ll be able to create several accounts, each with a different level of access to your server space, so if you have to give someone access, for example – a web designer, they will be able to access only one specific directory and won’t be able to view the rest of your content or any other information, such as private details. Three things are mandatory to be able to connect via FTP – a hostname, which is normally a domain or an IP, a user name and a password.

FTP Accounts in Shared Web Hosting

Each of the shared web hosting plans offered by our company will permit you to set up an unlimited number of FTP accounts, so you’ll be able to administer the content of your websites separately or to provide other persons with access to any Internet site in your hosting account. In case you’ve got a web design software application installed on your personal computer, you’ll be able to manage multiple Internet sites all at once and to keep them up to date without any effort. If you give the login credentials to another person to perform a particular task, you’ll be able to update the password for that FTP account or to delete it entirely with only a few mouse clicks and avoid any chance of unsolicited access to your web content in the future. For convenience’s sake, all FTP accounts that you create will be displayed in alphabetical order in the respective section of your Hepsia hosting Control Panel.

FTP Accounts in Semi-dedicated Hosting

With our custom-built Hepsia website hosting Control Panel, you will be able to create as many FTP accounts as you need, even multiple accounts that can access the same directory – in case you would like different users to be able to connect to the very same website content with entirely different login details. Our Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages do not involve any limit on the maximum number of the FTP accounts that you can have at a time, so you’ll be able to administer your files and to modify your websites without effort. If you wish to restrict the access to your web content, you can change the directory that an account can connect to or you can delete the account altogether with no more than a few clicks of the mouse via the Control Panel. You will be able to view all the FTP accounts and to modify any of them, if needed. For the sake of convenience, you can also download an auto-config file for various FTP software programs. Also, we have exhaustive step-by-step articles and video tutorials, which will help you administer your FTP accounts without hassle.

FTP Accounts in VPS Hosting

With a virtual private server from our company, you’ll be given the chance to set up an unlimited number of FTP accounts to connect to your website content. This is valid for all VPS setups, regardless of which Control Panel you have selected during the server order procedure – DirectAdmin, Hepsia or cPanel. Depending on your demands, you can have a different FTP account for each Internet site or a number of accounts with access to a specific folder – in case you want to permit a number of persons to be able to connect to that folder with their very own set of log-in details. Even if you’ve never opened a website hosting account previously or in case you have experience only with a shared one, you will not have any difficulties creating, deleting or editing any FTP account on your VPS server, as everything is done through an easy-to-work-with graphical interface and takes only a couple of clicks.