By using a dedicated server, you’ll get a standalone real server, employed by you and you solely. Observe the video display and find out how the Linux dedicated servers hosting packages via GoKookyGo Hosting will benefit your web sites and projects.

Having a dedicated server from GoKookyGo Hosting you’ll get a server, furnished with established, trusted and exhaustively tested hardware elements. By doing this, we seek to decrease all potential hardware problems, which are common with brand–new and untried components. In addition, all dedicated servers come in the USA located datacenter, which provides second to none connectivity, power and cooling solutions.

With each of the servers, it’s also possible to pick the OS. You can expect CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu, three of the very dependable and safeguarded Linux distributions, accessible. Additionally, every one of them has large support communities, that will help you get rid of any issue you face.

With each and every dedicated server, you can also have a good deal of complimentary bonuses. You will get 3 distinctive dedicated IP addresses, a cost–free billing software plus a 100% free domain name reseller account. And if you pick Debian, you may also take benefit from our no cost Web Hosting Control Panel, that of it’s own is filled with loads of totally free site tools.